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Our Story

Hey there, we hope you are liking our products. 

We don't want to bore you with a bunch of information about our company instead, we want to share our story with you:

One day a beautiful Kitten was brought into a home. Her name, Nikko, and she was as cute as only a kitten can be. The problem was that Nelly the dog did not want to share her home with no kitten.

So Nikko decided to live up on the dining chairs where she scratched her nails against the leather cushions. As you can imagine the chairs were....well not nice to look at, but why to change a perfectly good chair to sit? Solution: Chair Covers. And this is how Concepto started.


With this, we saw that a small change can inspire to transform the whole style of your home, and make of your environment a real expression of who you are. 

The End.